Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Well I can't ignore my blog forever! Time for a change.......I'm a big girl now and my cats are martians!

     Yeah...So I guess I just gave up. I stopped coming here and posting because I just could not figure out how to manage my blog. I am very much a right brainer and blog "stuff" just scares me. It can be intimidating...ya know? But with a lot of help from my husband (well actually he is doing everything) I'm back. I couldn't stay away. Blogging is perfect for me...I have so much to share. So here I am. I am updating my blog "big girl style"...fresh and new!
      My plans are big so watch out! I have so much darn great stuff to share and say. I want it to be interesting, fun and creative. I will be blogging about shops I personally love; why I think they are great and what I find unique about them. I want to share some DIY with you folks. Maybe even share a few of my secrets.  I will talk about my Etsy shop, and once I get more listed in my dot com...that too!
      I have so many creative ideas stuck in this head, it's ready to explode! I can share my daily happenings, my creations, inventions and my "oh no THAT didn't work!" stuff with you.
I hope I grow. I hope my blog excites you. I do, I do, I do want to be that blog that you want to read each day while sipping your coffee. I will add my favorite recipes.....pretty cool. I can tell you about my very weird odd cats ( I think they may be martians from outer'll learn why...shhhh).
     My life is such a crazy, wonderful and intense journey. My many paths in life seem to change without notice and sometimes I fall off the curb. But some way, some how I manage to walk every single one of them even though my ankles can get quit sore. It's a kaleidoscope in my head.....colorful and ever changing, just like my paths. Maybe if you stick around I can add just a hint more color to your world. Whada' think? 
See ya' soon~

Thursday, January 29, 2015

AnitaSperoDesign: A horse of course

AnitaSperoDesign: A horse of course: I love wooden horses! Who doesn't? They are full of interest. New and old adding one to a room somehow always feels right. Well th...

A horse of course

I love wooden horses! Who doesn't? They are full of interest. New and old, adding one to a room somehow always feels right. Well think about it...they fit any decor. They are not decor style specific.
 My favorite horses to reclaim are old wooden horses. Hopefully it comes with dings and pitting. It just adds to the patina and the look.
What makes them a perfect piece to work on is that you can't really mess up. It's sort of an odd shaped canvas. It seems no matter how you paint a horse it comes out looking like that was the way you found it. I've seen lime green horses and they looked great. I let my grandson paint one and it ended up in many colors. It looked awesome. It had that "I found it this way" appeal. Everyone wanted that horse.
So here is my new hint: Add a horse of course. Paint it, put a hat on it........add lettering to the side. Have fun. Make it that trophy piece for your space. Trust me...a horse really can be a horse of many colors and look great.
Anita Spero Design
This horse can be found in my shop on Etsy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Great ideas to add something new to your Christmas decor and tree!

Great ideas to add something new to your Christmas decor and tree!
Anita Spero @
1) When company is coming add FRESH FLOWERS to your tree. I like roses. Just go around the tree and add the flowers in clumps. Or add a bouquet of roses around the tree topper.
2) To give your tree a pretty Shabby tattered look, tear up pretty fabric into strips about a foot long. Make tattered bows and set them right on the tree.
3) Buy yards of tule in very light colors...Ivory, white, beige, gray, pink...any color you love. You can weave it through garland, your Christmas tree or add some to the top of your table cloth. It's cheap and adds a soft winter quality to your decor
4) add clear round small terrarium globes to your tree as ornaments. Inside add small LED or battery operated candles with a hint of tinsel and tule fabric. They look like floating bubbles on your tree...
I have many more ideas coming soon.

Friday, November 14, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Great gift and decoration ideas.

 These wings can hang several ways. I do have a pink pair listed also.

These were featured in  "Style Me Pretty"
Handmade metal heart garland hand cut aged and distressed hearts Christmas, wedding, home decor by anita spero

These are beautiful and can be placed anywhere. I weathered, distressed, and aged each heart individually. They are a mix of colors from the oxidizing process. Hang it on a wall or ceiling. It is the simple little things that make the difference and finish off your room.

*Each garland heart is different. Colors in your garland will vary.
Measures a little over 11 feet long, with extra wire on each side. Hearts are 4" long and 4" wide.

These were featured in Style Me Pretty wedding picnic.: