Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Home decor BOLD TRENDS for 2015? I should say not!

Of course as a new year rolls around I update myself on current trends in home decor. My mouth waters at the stack of juicy magazines that I will flip through while drinking gallons of coffee, later to be plucking away at the keyboard reading all the hot spots that give the now's and the now's. I hear about the bold leaps in Italian design and the rich contrasting colors of modern contemporary. Always beautifully well thought out photos to gaze over. There are always such contrasting changes in strong decor in the contemporary world. Sometimes even for me, the "just do it" decorator I think, "Holy cow clumps!" these people are BOLD. They don't hold back when it's time to introduce color and style. They just do it! Now being the end of summer and not quite to the New year I've had time to watch the changes. I've let the new looks soak in good and well. I've chalked it all into my gray matter. I know what I like and what I don't...and so on. So last night...late...late...late in the morning insomnia by my side I started going through my piles of decorating mag's from now and then. Looking at the styles I love...romantic, shabby, chippy painted, used, grandma used to have one..... it hit my spongy thinking tool like wild fire: WE DON'T DO TRENDS! OMG! Not really....Not like those Italian designers! Every magazine I grabbed going way back to places like 2009 had the same ideas and charm as they do now. Oh yeah, some of the colors change and new old things are found and added to the cool collections we already have like bowls of pool balls or jars of rusty keys!!!But really we love what we love....and it stays that way. I remember my bedding I made when I was a teen. It was all different stripes of fabric I had sewn together at a slow pace waiting to get fabric pieces from my grandma and her sewing buddies when they no longer needed or wanted that pattern anymore. Much of it was very worn and shabby. Ruffles of odd "nothing matches" fabric pieces. Faded flowers in little bouquets and old ticking and pin striped patterns. Some was a French scene in faded lipstick tomato soup red and almost black......Exactly the "stuff" you see now! When I was in my early 20's my dining room curtain was a thin fabric (wispy if you will) which had pretty blue and white stripes on it. I scissored tiny little holes through the top of the fabric and used twine instead of curtain hooks to hang it from a pretty mossy tree branch I found in the woods. That was over 20 years ago and you still see that style being used. After a while I started comparing the pages in the old and new magazines. I opened one magazine onto a page that had a beautiful old weathered harvest type table on it. The table was very white and chippy. In the center of this rather large chunky amazing table was a burlap runner. Down the runner was a whole buncha' silver plated pitchers, bowls, old creamers and what not. Some were upright, other pieces were purposely tilted and tipped over to make it more of a scene. This was my awaking...I remember another magazine with something similar. It took but a minute to find the photo. It was a kitchen table. White and chipped. In the center was a clump of silver plate sugar bowls. Behind the table was an old book shelf filled with recipes books. In between the books sat silver plate pitchers and old creamers. One of the magazines was from 1998 and the other was from about 3 years ago. OMG..It's the same stuff...just a different way"...
We ARE the bold ones! The ones who use beautiful found and salvaged pieces over and over. The old chippy painted table never gets old; it becomes romantic. Our fabrics stay faded, forever, the way we love them.
The old white lace stays around and circulates into a new creative decoration.
The silver plate tarnishes and we call it charming. Our splotchy "beige from age" rustic farmhouse stools become tables for old hat boxes to be displayed. I never really thought about it..... We don't trend! We recreate, salvage, up-cycle and add to the what-what's we already hold dear. We bend the rules of home design and that in itself is bold.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Contest soon for current customers

Hello everyone, As I start to increase what I do with my blog I will be announcing all contests here. My next one will be for my current customers who have purchased from me. I appreciate you. I am so thankful to have so many wonderful loyal customers. This is one way I can give a little bit back. I will announce the contest soon. This one (like most other) prizes will be a grouping. It will consist of items for your walls and tables that go together. The grouping will be in neutral tones...whites, beige, gray etc; I will be announcing the winner here on my blog and Instagram. I am thinking it will start around the beginning of October...perfect time to start thinking about the holidays. Thank you so much everyone.. I am so excited to share with you. Anita Spero https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnitaSperoDesign https://www.facebook.com/AnitaSperoDesign https://www.facebook.com/Anita.C.Spero https://instagram.com/anitaspero/

Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting dirty with message and idea boards made from salvaged springs.

Naked walls are no fun. I never like looking up and seeing blank space. Once it's full, what do you do? Well you can rotate your wall pieces and put some away to trade out later....but gosh I like everything out...don't you? Yep, see you are like me. So if you are like me then you are already thinking what I'm thinking: "How 'bout something really unique?...Something that will add a ton of interest to the wall.....something that stays up forever...but something you can make look different all the time?"
An old large rusty bed of springs! I knew you were thinking the same thing...Wow we are alike! They add so much interest, texture, and character from the past. No landfill for this rusty wall board, huh? It will last forever. It will be a piece that can be used in many ways over time. It will float around your home and become so many things. You're probably now thinking I should add a list of uses and maybe some places to look for these pieces..o.k, that sounds fair. Looking for these large spring beds can be time consuming. Really. They are not easy to find and sometimes really hard to get to...once you find the car. I have found some of mine where old cars go to never be moved again. These are junk yards that seem to not even be open anymore. Some are private property so please hunt down the owner first. You are looking for those very old cars with old spring filled seats. Old vans can have them as well. These cars can also be found abandoned on old properties. Find the owner of the car and property and work out a deal with him. Hey that reminds me... you can use this spring board for old fashioned collections and memories!
If you will be digging old spring boards out of very old cars here are some things you want to know. Bee's and other "stingy" things LOVE old cars. I'm not sure why. They just do. It's a big "stingy" bug hang out. So my first piece of advice, and do get permission first from the owner....is to go there a day or two before hand and check it out. If you see any nests (houses where the stingy bugs live) you want to get rid of them. If you can't find a pro to deal with the issue, husbands and boyfriends work just fine. You can add a bug bomb to the inside of the car ...leave it and come back to next day. If the stingy bugs living in the car you picked seem to have no reaction...only anger to the bomb...give it a few more days. When you come back you want to be gloved up...In fact you pretty much want your body gloved up. Trust me on this one...trust me. Now if you don't like the thought of killing things...even stingy creatures that hate your guts, this method will still work. Get all body gloved up, bring several long tools and several large lidded buckets. The buckets can be found at home improvement stores. You are going to carefully knock down these nests, put them in the buckets and CLOSE THE BUCKET (key thing to remember). If you want those mean stingy bugs to live please do find out where you can take them BEFORE starting this project. If not you will end up with buckets of little scary creatures living in your bathroom...and that is just no fun. You will need several knives and cutting tools. This is not to fend off hateful stingy bugs, but to cut open the seats. Once all that hub-bub is over you are ready to get to those springs. Open all the car doors. You will be moving all around to the those springs out. You need to cut the coverings completely away. Don't take short cuts or believe you only need to cut the minimal out.. It does not result in a short cut...Just lots of extra sweating, crying and screaming. You will need to cut cut cut...Once it's all loose roll it up and remove it from the truck. Do make sure you dispose of any garbage you make. If battling with an old car to get the springs just seems like a lot of work to you (I don't see why), then the other options are very old furniture pieces...chairs, settees and similar. You will also find these inside of an old mattress. The best way to hunt these down is to: 1) Leave "wish" messages at all the antique stores you know 2)Garage sales...do look in older areas for these items you have a better chance at finding them. 3) Very rarely, but sometimes hospitals will have old mattresses in storage that they just forgot about. Basically you are on a treasure hunt for these rare items. It can take a bit of time to find them. Or don't do any of these things and just purchase from me. I promise not to send the string board with any stingy things. Now once you have it figure out what you will be using it for. Find a place on the wall for it. But trust me these are so great used for so many things. Idea boards for artists, designers, or for your wish lists.
They can become large beautiful memory art pieces. Fill the spaces up with all kinds of memories. A large ever changing art piece. Love letters, photos, dried bouquets and drawings.
For special events such as wedding or anniversaries these can look glorious. Paint them to match the day. Fill the spring board with photos, notes, place cards, roses or flowers to display, and leave your audience in awe.
I hope this gave you some ideas. I know I'm pretty excited. The thought of taking something that would just add to landfills or dumps, and making it into something possibly filled with so much meaning is exciting. If you have any questions or you're not interested in hunting down a spring board come on over and talk to me at my Etsy store online. * Please, and in all reality DO NOT deal with the bugs the way I did. Please call a professional. This was not an instructional, but my story. I do not condone fighting with or trying to capture any critters. I am not a bug expert which is very apparent. Thank you, Anita Spero Anita Spero Design https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnitaSperoDesign

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Well I can't ignore my blog forever! Time for a change.......I'm a big girl now and my cats are martians!

     Yeah...So I guess I just gave up. I stopped coming here and posting because I just could not figure out how to manage my blog. I am very much a right brainer and blog "stuff" just scares me. It can be intimidating...ya know? But with a lot of help from my husband (well actually he is doing everything) I'm back. I couldn't stay away. Blogging is perfect for me...I have so much to share. So here I am. I am updating my blog "big girl style"...fresh and new!
      My plans are big so watch out! I have so much darn great stuff to share and say. I want it to be interesting, fun and creative. I will be blogging about shops I personally love; why I think they are great and what I find unique about them. I want to share some DIY with you folks. Maybe even share a few of my secrets.  I will talk about my Etsy shop, and once I get more listed in my dot com...that too!
      I have so many creative ideas stuck in this head, it's ready to explode! I can share my daily happenings, my creations, inventions and my "oh no THAT didn't work!" stuff with you.
I hope I grow. I hope my blog excites you. I do, I do, I do want to be that blog that you want to read each day while sipping your coffee. I will add my favorite recipes.....pretty cool. I can tell you about my very weird odd cats ( I think they may be martians from outer space...you'll learn why...shhhh).
     My life is such a crazy, wonderful and intense journey. My many paths in life seem to change without notice and sometimes I fall off the curb. But some way, some how I manage to walk every single one of them even though my ankles can get quit sore. It's a kaleidoscope in my head.....colorful and ever changing, just like my paths. Maybe if you stick around I can add just a hint more color to your world. Whada' think? 
See ya' soon~

Thursday, January 29, 2015

AnitaSperoDesign: A horse of course

AnitaSperoDesign: A horse of course: I love wooden horses! Who doesn't? They are full of interest. New and old adding one to a room somehow always feels right. Well th...